Garden Project – Weeding … and a surprise first aid moment



Our landscaping project today was to spend 15 minutes weeding the garden and picking up any litter around the garden area.

Little did I know I’d pick up something too – a rash!

Soon after coming in my arm started itching and before long was red all the way from my wrist to my shoulder.

But not to worry. We just used it as a learning opportunity and we researched first to find out if it’s possible something out there was poisonous. After ruling out stinging nettle and poison ivy we figured it was just something I’m allergic too.

A home remedy website suggested after washing the area with soap and water that I apply duct tape to the area to remove any remaining fibers.

We’ll just three strips in with my yelping and screeching we decided to skip the duct tape cure and just reuse out the pain. In about an hour all the redness and swelling went down and it was fine.

Thanks to gracie for her excellent first aid and the creative photos she took during the weeding.

Tomorrow we’ll do some work with the compost.