Gang Tags Found & a Well-Used Trail Between Church, Merrymount & Abandoned Building

[LONDON, CANADA] 14 June 2017 – By Staff Writer

On the surface, London, Ontario appears to be an easy-going conservative city whose citizens like to keep to the status quo. But the more I hunt for what is really going on behind closed doors, in dark alleys and in the pulpit, the more and more I am growing gravely concerned.

The other day I took a walk along the Thames River. At one point I was walking on what may have been an “Official” Thames river trail judging by the white hiker-markings on the trees guiding me along the way. After a while though, the white marks were discontinued and I started finding more and more graffiti tags, gang markings and signs that some back-woods trails are being used by more than just the happy-go-lucky jogger out for an afternoon jaunt.

To the untrained eye, a few trails behind some buildings wouldn’t cause a flutter, but all the evidence I’ve found on gang & cult activity, child & human-trafficking and other heinous crimes leads me to believe a few trails and gang markings are not as innocent as they may at first appear.

Some believe that there is a link between children being taken out of their homes, falling into the hands of Merrymount Children’s Center and then ending up in child-trafficking rings through corrupt police, lawyer, priest and gang-member affiliations.

When I found that the back lawns of Merrymount, St. Peter’s Seminary and King’s College are all joined together and that an easy-to-access trail through the woods leads to two buildings with well-marked gang tags I couldn’t help but feel these pieces of the puzzle point to the opportunity for child-trafficking to occur easily between people who use these buildings.

What’s more?

When I came out of the woods to the King’s College parking lot a police car was waiting in surveillance mode. Why? Because they are keeping their close eye on gang activity.

We already know that in April 78 people were arrested for child pornography in London. Who were these 78 people and how were they able to do what they were doing?

Were any of them connected with the Catholic Church? With Family and Children’s Services? Or with Kings College/Western University?

I suspect they were.

It’s just a hunch.